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Girona, Spain
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Knowing languages

will open doors to you anywhere in the world.

At the Yes! Language School we offer face to face courses in English, French, German, Italian, and Catalan and Spanish (in our school or at your company) or by skype.

We can help you to arrange your course abroad.

Learn a language in a simple, fun and efficient way.

At Yes! We like to monitor the progress of our students and gauge their satisfaction and the results achieved each course.

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Here at ‘Yes!’ English school we have students of all ages. Many of these are attending primary or secondary school. Learning a foreign language is a rewarding experience, which opens doors to learning about new cultures and making new ...


The summer went by in a flash. We have to think about getting our schoolbags ready for the new school year that starts in September. It is also a good time to set ourselves new challenges, like starting to study a new language or continuing to ...